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Who We Are

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Welcome to Appletree Consulting! Appletree Consulting is a  Career Guidance venture based at Alangombu, Mettupalayam. Our passion is to help students of grades 8th - 12th find the right career through scientifically proven psychometric tests and Face-to Face counseling sessions while studying. This helps them find the right  destination and helps them focus on academic performance as the goal is already set. Our basic philosophy is "Career by Choice not by chance". We have expertise in guiding and counseling students since 2010.

If you have any/all of these questions, you may approach us for clarity and guidance. 

  • What to do after 10th /12th?
  • What is my personality?
  • Which career domain fits my personality?
  • What is my true skill and passion?
  • What career should I choose?
  • How do I choose the right career?
  • Where do I study to achieve my career goals?
  • How do I plan for my better future?
  • What are the scopes of my career?

Why Career Counseling?

Do you know? Your personality affects your career too!

  • 97% People first finish their journey (education) and then think about the destination (career).
  • 94% adults are either in the wrong career or under-employed.
  • 92% School students, when asked about their career choice have “let’s see what happens” attitude and most of them are either having unrealistic career ambitions or they follow the crowd.
  • 82% Post-Graduates are not able to utilize their investment in education as they fail to understand that degrees lacking employability skills are useless.
  • 76% B.Tech and MBA degree holders are doing nocturnal jobs in Call Centres, sharing seats with their twelfth pass colleagues; trapped in a quagmire without any career prospects.
  • 64% of school students and 88% of college students are busy doing everything except their studies. eventually they suffer.

When you face the question ‘what next’ after class 10th or after class 12th, Career counseling  can help in all the major milestones in your career. Firstly, to decide a stream and subject combination, to decide the graduation course, and then, to decide the career option ! 

At Appletree Consulting, we mentor your children to

  • achieve high academic goals
  • achieve high career goals
  • maintain a stress-free academic life
  • build self-esteem and become a positive person
  • explore their innate talents and potentials
  • communicate well for a win-win situation 
  • develop effective leadership skills
  • manage their time effectively
  • promote healthy and positive relationships 
  • become critical thinkers and problem solvers 
  • develop confidence and social appropriateness
  • become a morally upright indian citizen

through strength-based practices, psychometric tests, self exploring situations and by building resiliency.

We also provide free counseling sessions for the rural government school children as a part of our social responsibility. You may call us at +91 6381555850 / +91 8903772068 for more details.

Our Map to Success


We’ll explore your  life value, interests, passion, skills and personality. Then we can explore and examine career possibilities based on the above core values and guide you into the right career.

Who do we serve


We coach school students, especially, grades 8-12 and college graduates. If you want to identify, which is the right career according to your personality, where  can you pursue your higher education, various scholarships availed, and  how to achieve your dream career, call us today @ +91 6381555850 or +91 8903772068.

What We DO


Explore your career life

We help you to learn about yourself

Our primary step is to help you discover who you really are. Figuring out what you are good at is must for career planning. What you enjoy doing? What are your interests and passions? Which subjects you love the most? Which activities take your undivided attention? The more you know about your capabilities, skills and competencies the more effective you will be in making your career choices.

We help you identify possible careers

After analyzing your preferred interests, skills and values, we fit in career options with your area of interest. If you love playing with numbers, then you might be interested in the range of career from statistician to stock broker to an economist. Take time to explore all the possible careers, however different they might be. You never know what may appear dreary at first, might seem appealing once you start exploring it! Remember you need not rush into any decision but all you need is to keep an open mind.

Our Four Step Model:

1. Discover Your Desires and Strengths

Self-discovery through guided exercises, psychometric tests and discussions to uncover interests, strengths and personality.

2. Explore and Choose Career Options

Briefing you about various courses and career opportunities around the globe including emerging career domains.

3. Build a Perfect Career Plan

Helping you build a suitable career path with primary and contingency options involving your knowledge, skills and attitude.

4. Find Suitable Courses and Colleges in India 

Helping you choose right courses and college/university according to specified look-out parameters, admission and scholarship processes. 

Thus, by the end of our counseling session you will be able to make a well informed decision according to your inborn talents, potential, and passion and maintain a happy career life.


Additional Services


Learning Skills Workshops

 We also conduct learning skills workshops and Brain Gym sessions for school children. Our workshops cover  topics such as Effective Concentration, Revision Techniques, Time Management, Stress management, Test Taking procedure, and many more..   

Brain Gym

Brain Gym is made up of 26 enjoyable and simple  but powerful movements and activities that enhances the experience of whole brain learning for the children and help to improve their reading, writing, spelling and  math skills.

Our Methodology



We understand that students spend 70% of their adult life at the workplace. Career decisions are one of the most important decisions in a student's academic and professional journey. It is essential that these decisions are made with utmost care and expertise. We have a perfect blend of education + technology of excellence + experience, and an unmatched passion to make sure that every student progresses on the right path. Our four step methodology helps you to explore yourself and to take a rightly informed decision.

Step 1: Explore the world around you – Future and Work life 

Step 2: Explore yourself - Understand your true interest and passion

Step 3: Choose the right course at the right place

Step 4: Get into the right career and live a happy life

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